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Finished travel logs for Romania Family Reunion, and Vienna, Austria.


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It's been a long while, but I finally finished another travel log. This one is from Lima, Peru where I was very much surprised to find an amazing water fountain park with an impressive collection of unique fountains. It's called, "Circuito Mágico del Agua" (Magical Water Tour). It is not very well known, nor highly publicized, but I highly recommend it as a must see attraction in Lima.


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Going back in time a few years...I finished my travel log and photos from my 2005 trip to London.


A great weekend getaway from Mexico City is to visit the trio of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are located just 2-4 hours away... Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato.


Pictures from Queretaro, Mexico (UNESCO World Heritage Site). As well as Huahine (that's in French Polynesia...still haven't heard of it? ...Tahiti!).


Pictures from downtown Mexico City during the Swine Flu Outbreak.


Pictures from the 2008 trip to Bora Bora are ready. I'm still working on the Huahine pictures.


I finished a couple more travel this pace I'll be caught up by 2012. Check out the LHS team trip to Popocateptl. Also, I finally finished the Alaska fishing trip photos from 2007. 


Before 2008 comes to a close I thought it would be nice if I got around to posting some pictures from 2008 :-) Check out the pictures from Mexico City and Xochimilco.

11.10.08 ====================SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT====================

I just saw a very disturbing documentary on shark finning. From $0.80/pound at the dock, it ends up at $200/pound by the time it gets to the consumer. The amount of money involved and the thirst for profit makes this illegal industry second only to the drug trade. In the time it took you to read this, 30 sharks have been killed...50 sharks if you read real s....l....o....w. Visit to learn more and to see how you can help.


Started working in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago. There are going to be lots of great photo opportunities here so I've been working on get caught up on my travel photos. Just finished some of the Australia pictures from 2006: The Sydney Classic Tennis Tournament; The Great Ocean Road; Victoria; and Melbourne.


Completed some more of the 2007 pictures. Check out Sierra Chincua and Valle de Bravo.


It was more painful than I thought, but I finally finished the move to the new site! So far, 2007 is the year with the most photo albums completed so be sure to check there first.


Had some time off for the 4th of July and was able to work on and upload pictures from Janitzio and Parangaricutiro, Mexico.


Happy St. Peter's Day! On my way from Miami to Vegas was able to work on a couple more galleries. Check out the pictures from Patzcuaro, Mexico in Dec, 2007 and Gabriela's Birthday wine party at Cavas in Brickell Key, Miami in May, 2008.


Added pictures from 2007 trip to Austin when I was trapped by an ice storm. Also added pictures from 2007 Christmas trip to Morelia in Mexico to see the Monarch butterfly migration.


Updated the 2007 Costa Rica pictures, and also added pictures from Las Vegas trip in Oct, 2007.


This was the first weekend in the past four months that I did not get on a plane to travel somewhere so I decided to take some time to work on my travel pictures. It happened to also be a beautiful, sunny weekend in Seattle, so I only had time to work on some of the ones from Jan, 2006... Sydney Open, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and other photos from the state of Victoria, Australia. If you've travelled along the Northern California Coast, you'll be even more impressed by the Great Ocean Road which is just a couple of hours outside of Melbourne in Victoria.


Pictures posted from Memorial Day trip to Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano area.


This is my first posting; a weekend getaway to Mexico City. I've acquired some new tools for photo editing and publishing. Adobe Lightroom for editing and Microsoft Expression Web for web site publishing. So far, Lightroom seems to be a decent all-in-one editing tool, and I haven't had to switch to Photoshop yet. I'm using Microsoft Expressions Web for basic web site development and so far it's working just fine, except you can't save your ftp login information and have to enter it each time.

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