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May 4 - May 7: London, UK

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I had a few free days after visiting the amazing castles throughout the Loire Valley in France, so I decided to hop on the Chunnel and Chunnel my way over to London to see what all the fuss was about. I spent about three full days walking all over the city and boy was I knackered (English expression...means tired). Taking the underground metro (The Tube), and walking are the best ways to explore the city. I recommend finding a hotel that is close to a Tube station to make it easier to move around, and also close to the center of the city as the Tube prices increase as you move outside the city. If you're going to be there for a few days and plan on moving around the city, then it is best to pick up a weekly pass on the Tube. I also recommend picking up a magazine called, "Where," which is lists everything that is going on in the city like: concerts, shows, comedy clubs and university lectures.

While I was there, I ducked into a couple of university lectures to brush up on my history of Genghis Khan (which has nothing to do with Star Trek and the Wrath of Khan), and the Modern Theory of Relativity (the professors were not convinced by my counter theory that if you propel a microwave, with an aardvark inside, near the speed of light, then once the aardvark explodes the pieces will, in fact, be traveling at a speed far greater than the speed of light thereby giving the aardvark a chance to see itself explode once the light rays reach the hurling eyeball. This is known as the RangerCris flying, exploding, hey look at me explode, aarvark theory of 1992...mindboggling I know, but it is true!). [View Photos]

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    Since I was traveling alone, this was meant to be a budget trip for me, but I soon found out that hotels are not cheap in London. You're definitely not going to find any budget motel type places. With the exchange rate at nearly 2 to 1, my hotel was close to US$200/night. I recommend searching for a place in advance and not waiting until you arrive in London to find a place. :-)
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