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Jan 19 - 29: Victoria, Australia

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There is so much to do in Victoria, Australia. On this trip I went northeast of Melbourne to Mt. Buffalo where there is skiing in the winter and downhill mountain biking in the summer. Then there's Mansfield which has an annual antique car race going through the heart of the downtown area. Marysville is another great spot...once a year the locals get wild and crazy during their annual parade. Just outside of Marysville, you can go for a nice walk there is a beautiful waterfall. Southeast of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a great destination...this is one of the spots where you'll find the smallest of the penguins, called Fairy Penguins. In November-December, the penguins come here to hatch and raise their young chicks. [View Photos]

Best Places to Stay:

    The Chalet at Mt. Buffalo: Located at 1,337 meters above sea level, The Chalet offers some nice hiking trails and great views of the national park.

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