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Feb 14: Circuito Mágico del Agua - Parque de la Reserva, Lima, Peru

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The Bellagio in Las Vegas has the most spectacular fountain I've ever seen. However, the Ciruito Mágico del Agua designed by the French architect Claude Sahut is the most spectacular collection of fountains that I've ever seen. This was truly a pleasant surprise for me to experience such a magnificent display of fountains in Lima.

The Magical Water Tour, which was inaugurated July 26, 2007, is part of a series of projects completed by the mayor of Lima, Dr. Luis Castañeda Lossio at a cost of US$ 13 M. The project was criticized because of its costs and design, and that it involved a complete renovation of a historically significant park. Furthermore, others criticized the charging of entrance fees (as of 2009, S/. 4.00 (about US$1.50)) to a public place. However, the proceeds from the entrance fees (between S/. 40000.00 and 60000.00) were put to good use and were used to renovate the Municipal Theatre of Lima. By March 1, 2008, the tour received its two millionth visitor. The Magic Water Tour is currently the world record holder for the largest fountain complex in the world, consisting of 13 distinct fountains, many of which are interactive so bring a change of clothes if you plan on playing in the fountain...actually, even if you don't plan on playing in the fountain it is still a good idea to have a towel and change of clothes as you could very likely be walking by a fountain watching the kids as they play in the fountain and laugh as one decides to sit on a fountain stream and unexpectedly get drenched as you get hit by friendly fire. I recommend visiting the fountains at the end of the day and stay until it gets dark. Once it is dark, the fountains light up and you can also enjoy music once an hour as the largest fountain display begins to dance just like the fountains at Bellagio in Las Vegas. The largest fountain, named "Magic Fountain" (Fuente Mágica) holds the Guiness World Record for the highest fountain in the currently known world and can force water to a height of over 80m. Additional attractions are the Tunnel Fountain of Surprises (Fuente Túnel de las Sorpresas), a 35m walk-thru tunnel of water; the Children's Fountain (Fuente de los Ninos), a walk-in automated fountain; and a tunnel connecting the two sections of the park which contains an exhibition highlighting recent public works projects in Lima (government propaganda at work). The Fantasia Fountain (Fuente de la Fantasia), site of a regularly-scheduled laser and picture show, is 120m in length and contains jets that are synchronized to music.

The Magic Circuit of water is relatively new and became one of the biggest attractions in the city. Many locals are very proud of the park as it is a symbol of of the improvement in the quality of life and a movement to modernity.

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Park Information:

    Av. Arequipa cuadra 7
    (located between Paseo de la Republica expressway and Arequipa Avenue)

    Park Hours:
    4:00pm - 11:00pm (but gates close at 10:00pm)

    S/. 4 (about US$1.40)
    Children under 4 enter free when accompanied by an adult.

    [Park information above is accurate as of Feb 14, 2010]

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